Condursal Stop Off Paints for the heat treating industry
Condursal Stop Off Paints for the heat treating industry

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Condursal Stop Off Paints for the heat treating industry

CONDURSAL N9 Instructions For Use:
CONDURSAL N9 is a special protective paint for ion nitriding at temperatures approximately 750 - 1085° F. Because of the excellent electric conductivity of the N9 layer, there is no problem getting and electrical connection between the work piece to be nitrided and the cathodic base plate.

CONDURSAL N9 is easy to apply and remove. The steel surfaces to be protected must be free of oil, grease and dirt, which can be accomplished by alkaline washing or degreasing with chlorinated solvents.

Prior to use, CONDURSAL N9 must be stirred thoroughly. CONDURSAL N9 can then be applied with a brush or by dipping. Flat brushes with soft bristles are best suited for brush application. The paint must be applied in a continuous coat of even thickness of .008" to 012".

Normally one coat is sufficient for effective protection. However, for long ion nitriding cycles, a thicker coating may be desirable and two coats may be necessary. It is very important to dry the first coat thoroughly before applying another coat. For optimum protection, it is necessary that the coating is completely dry before placing parts into a furnace. Drying time depends upon the temperature and atmospheric humidity. Normal drying time is one to three hours.

After finishing the ion nitriding process, the residual of CONDURSAL N9 on the coated areas can be easily removed by wiping with a wire brush. If the paint becomes thickened in the course of time due to evaporation, the addition of CONDURSAL THINNER will restore the normal viscosity. The paint should be thinned only to such an extent that it could again be coated like semi-fluid oil paint; an excessive thinning would impair the protective effect of the CONDURSAL N9.

Removal of Residues:
After nitriding, the residues of Condursal N9 can be removed using a wire brush or by blasting.

Cleaning of brushes and other equipment:
For cleaning brushes, it is recommended that Trichlorethylene or CONDURSAL THINNER be used, but never water.

The can must be thoroughly closed immediately after each application, and must be prevented from freezing.