Condursal Stop Off Paints for the heat treating industry
Condursal Stop Off Paints for the heat treating industry

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Condursal Stop Off Paints for the heat treating industry

CONDURSAL 0118CR Instructions For Use:
Condursal 0118CR is a solvent free protective paint for nitriding and nitrocarburizing in fluid bed furnaces. This paint may be used in conventional furnaces. After heat treatment, the residues are easily removed by using a steel brush.

Before applying, the contents must be thoroughly stirred. Prior to coating, surfaces of the parts to be protected must be free of oil, dirt and grease. Alkaline washing or vapor degreasing can achieve this.

Flat brushes with soft bristles are recommended. A continuous non-streaky coating of an even thickness of .008" to .012" should be applied. The coating must be completely air dried before placing the parts into a furnace. Drying time depends upon the temperature and atmospheric humidity; normally, drying time is two to three hours.

Condursal 0118CR may also be applied by dipping. Agitate pieces to and fro to prevent air bubbles. After dipping, shake the pieces to allow excess paint to be recovered.

During use, the paint will have a tendency to thicken due to evaporation. Adding small quantities of water may restore normal consistency. The paint should be thinned only to such an extent that it might again be used like semi-fluid oil paint; excessive thinning will impair the protective layer.

Removal of Residues:
After treatment, Condursal 0118CR can be removed by using a steel brush. The paint is not water-soluble after heat treatment.

Cleaning of brushes and other equipment:
Brushes and other equipment should be cleaned in water immediately after each use. Brushes should be set in water when not in use to prevent the bristles from thickening.

Cans should be tightly sealed after each application and prevented from freezing.