Condursal Stop Off Paints for the heat treating industry
Condursal Stop Off Paints for the heat treating industry

Gas Carburizing & Carbon Nitriding, Nitrocarburizing, Ion Nitriding, Pack Carburizing and Scale Prevention, Spark Igniters, Duffy-Catalyst, Duffy-Stainless Foil, Refractory Plugs, Nuts & Bolts, Baskets, Alumdum Balls, Heat Treating needs

  • Condursal N623p
    CONDURSAL N623p is a newly developed water base stop-off paint providing excellent protection against pick-up of nitrogen during gas Nitriding processes up to 90 hours at temperatures ranging normally between 900° F and 1100° F. CONDURSAL N623p is practically free of solvents, which is an important feature with respect to health and safety regulations.
Condursal Stop Off Paints for the heat treating industry

Pricing (per can)
1-5 cans
case lot
CN-623 (pint)
$95.00 (45)
Duffy Special Thinners
1-5 cans
case lot
CN-QT White Label
$13.00 (40)
CN-GAL White Label
$29.00 (10)

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  • Properties
    Precisely limited insulation areas are easily achieved with CONDURSAL N623p by painting. If applied properly, the CONDURSAL N623p coating does not creep or run off and there is no interference or “radiation” to non-coated work pieces.

    Drying time for CONDURSAL N623p normally ranges between 1 and three hours, depending on temperature and atmosphere humidity. Thinning of the paint, which can be necessary if it has become slightly thicker in the course of time due to evaporation, can be achieved using small amounts of water. Avoid over thinning; it would impair adhesiveness as well as the protective effect of CONDURSAL N623p. To prevent thickening of the paint, the tins should be closed hermetically after use.